R3: Three out of Three for Chi

Team Chichester –v- UWE Bristol – Round 3: 2012/2013

This week Chichester Racquets & Fitness Club’s Premier Squash League team played its second home match of the 2012/2013 season.   The Chichester squad played UWE Bristol and with 2 wins from its first 2 matches, the Chichester squad hoped to continue the winning streak.

First on court, Hannah Wright-Davies made her season debut to play Bristol’s Rose Bamber.   Hannah started nervously but remained focused to take the first 11/7.   She then found herself down 1/5 in the second but steadfastly fought back, remained calm and regained her composure to push and take the second game on the tie-break, 12/10.    Hannah was now much more relaxed and she resolutely pushed forward to wrap up the game and match 11/4.

1.0 to Chichester

On the adjacent glass-back court, Anthony Graham, took control of his match from the very start.  He quickly stormed to an 11/6, 11/6 lead against Bristol’s Sam Ellis.   Ellis, however, was not out of the match and competed much harder to get back into the game.   It was neck and neck for a while but Graham’s experience came into play to win the tie-break in the 3rd game 12/10.

2.0 to Chichester

Meanwhile, on the championship court, Chichester’s Robbie Temple (WR53) was having a tough battle against David Haley; they were still at 1-all after 2 full matches had been played on the next court!  In the third it was nip and tuck and, as can be the case in tight matches, there were several controversial decisions.  Haley kept his nerve and snatched it 11/13 on the tie-break to go ahead 1.2.  Temple regrouped and was always ahead in the fourth to win it 11/8 and setting a 5th game decider.  The 5th comprised some edgy squash and at midway Temple finally forged ahead with some low drives and tight drops to ‘nick’ the game and match 11/8.  Team Chichester had an unassailable 3.0 lead – no going to the wire this time.   Chichester marched on……

Next on for Chichester was Olly Pett for Chichester, to play Charlie Johnson.  Pett controlled the first by pushing the ball around the court at will, which made Johnson work very hard and subsequently Pett went 1.0 up.    Johnson dug in but still found himself under pressure.   Nonetheless he continued to work hard to retrieve the ball and valiantly he pushed the game to a tie-break which Pett eventually took 13/11.   An exhausted Johnson kept running in the third but the end was in sight as Pett controlled the court until the end, 12/10.

4.0 to Chichester – could the team make it a clean sweep?

Finally Jonathan Kemp went on the glass-back court to play Bristol’s Arthur Gaskin.  After the second rally Gaskin pulled up and it was clear that he was injured but he gamely carried on.  Kemp won the first 11/7.     After a few rallies and 2/4 up Gaskin was forced to concede the match to give Team Chichester the win and maintain its unbeaten record and best of all “Top of the Table” at last.

Next week (Tuesday November 6) Chichester host St. George’s Hill which will be a tough task but the squad is determined to continue the winning streak and make it 4 out of 4.

Mike Phillips

Team Chichester Manager