October 4, 2022


PSL (Premier Squash League) is a tournament organised by England Squash where clubs from around the country vie for the title of National Champions.


The competition is comprised a single Division of Seven teams, who play each other on a home or away basis – thus six rounds/matches to complete the season.


Teams must nominate their squads (maximum of 15 players) at the start of the season and can change, with some restrictions, during the Christmas break. Two extra players can be added for the second half.

Each squad can contain no more than two male and female players ranked in the world’s top 30 (as of 1st Sep and 1st Jan) but only one of each in the top 15.

Team Playing order to be determined by the PSA rankings at the start of each half (1st Sep and 1st Jan). Players not active on PSA will be ranked in the club’s order with approval from ES.


Team IntroductionsFixtures are usually played on Tuesday nights, starting at 7pm (no later than 7.30), with one court in use for each tie.

A tie consists of four players from each team – two men and two women – playing their opposite number (a match). Each team must include a minimum of one male and one female player from the team’s country.

Each match is played best of FIVE games PAR scoring to 11, 2 clear.

Points are awarded as follows: ONE point for each game won, plus TWO points for the winning team. Winners are determined by 1) most matches won, 2) most games won, 3) most points won, 4) winner of the #1 men’s match.


At the end of the season the team at the top of the table will be the PSL Champions (in previous and subsequent seasons there have been/will be playoff matches to determine the champions).

The top five teams in the table will form the PREMIERSHIP for the 2023/24 season, the bottom two teams will be in the CHAMPIONSHIP alongside new entrants.

2016 Champions Surrey


The league has been running since 1983. Originally called the “Amex League”, it became the “National League” and was rebranded to PSL in 2005.


The league is administered centrally by England Squash, whose ruling on any disputes or appeals is final.

FULL REGULATIONS  view in this pdf

Full 2019/20 PSL Regulations