PSL (Premier Squash League) is a tournament organised by England Squash where clubs from around the UK compete for the title of National Champions.

The league has been running since 1983. Originally called the “Amex League”, it became the “National League” and was rebranded to PSL in 2005.


Following the Zoom call with England Squash, PSL team representatives/managers and interested parties on 17th July 23 the following guidance is provided and proposed for the 2023/24 season.

PSL (Premier Squash League) the leading squash league in the UK organised by England Squash often promoted as the ‘World’s’ Best Squash League. The league brings world class squash to clubs around the UK compete for the title of National Champions.

Summary 2023/24

1. The Premier Squash League (“the League”) is an official competition of England Squash.

2. The Rules of England Squash (“the Rules”) and the WSF Rules of the Singles Game and the Regulations hereinafter contained (as far as the same are applicable and are not inconsistent with these Regulations) shall be observed in the League.

3. Entry fee of £650 per team.

4. The league will consist of 10 teams of 2 divisions (5 team North and 5 teams South) involving home and away fixtures played between October and April with the 2 top teams of each division progressing to semi finals and a final.

5. Each team will be required to provide high quality live streaming agreed by ES for all home matches.

6. Each team will consist of 2 men and 2 women players

7. All matches must be played on one court.

8. Best of 3 PAR 11 sudden death at 10/10

9. Ties will be played on a Tuesday and start no later than 7.30pm. Matches may be played on another night of the same week with agreement from BOTH teams and England Squash.

10. Each tie must consist of 1 male and 1 female UK player.

11. Players representing each team should be ranked within the ‘top 150’ of the PSA or be playing at a similar level. SquashLevels may be used an indicator or comparison. No. 1 string matches must also be a minimum ranked ‘top 45’ level player using the similar parameters.

12. Final on a neutral all glass court unless agreed by both teams.

Full PSL rules and regulations are detailed below.