Previously known as the National Squash League, for the 2005/06 season it was rebranded the Premier Squash League. Here’s the story from then until now …

PSL Finals 2006-2019

Year Final Summary / Semi-Finals
2019 RAC 3-2 Pontefract RAC go one better against Pontefract in their first final REPORT
Semis : St George's 1-4 Pontefract  WarKens 2-3 RAC
2018 St George's 3-2 RAC St George's win for the first time in 5 attempts – at home too REPORT
Semis : Nottingham 2-3 St Georges   RAC 3-2 Pontefract
2017 Nottingham 5-0 Leicester Nottingham take a first PSL title – 18 years after their NL success REPORT
Semis : Nottingham 4-1 Chichester   Surrey 1-4 Leicester
2016 Surrey 5-0 St George's It's a seventh title for Surrey at the home of their local rivals REPORT
Semis : Leicester 2-3 Surrey   St George's 3-2 Duffield
2015 Duffield 3-2 St George's Duffield get their third PSL title over St George's at Hunts County  REPORT
Semis : St George's 4-1 Coolhurst   Duffield 3-2 Surrey
2014 Surrey 3-2 Duffield Surrey comeback denies Duffield at SSP for five in a row  REPORT
Semis : Duffield 5-0 Exeter   Surrey 4-1 Chapel Allerton
2013 Surrey 3-2 Duffield Surrey do it again over Duffield at Nottingham REPORT
Semis : Duffield 3-2 Exeter  Surrey 3-2 Oxford
2012 Surrey 3-2 St George's It's a hat-trick for Surrey beating St George's at SSP  REPORT
Semis : Duffield 2-3 St George's   Surrey 5-0 Nottingham
2011 Surrey 4-1 St George's Star-studded Surrey retain the title beating St George's at SSP REPORT
Semis : Duffield 2-3 Surrey   St George's 3-2 Chapel Allerton
2010 Surrey 3-2 Oxford Surrey reclaim the title with a narrow win over first-timers Oxford at SSP  REPORT 
Semis : Oxford 4-1 St George's   Surrey 3-2 Nottingham
2009 Chapel Allerton 3-2 Duffield Newcomers Chapel Allerton beat Duffield at Nottingham  REPORT 
Semis : Chapel Allerton 3-2 Bristol   Surrey 2-3 Duffield
2008 Surrey 4-1 Chichester Surrey claim their first title as they beat Chichester at Lee-on-Solent  REPORT
Semis : Chichester 4-1 Duffield   Surrey 4-1 Birmingham
2007 Duffield 3-2 Bristol Duffield retain the title with a win over Bristol at Nottingham   REPORT
Semis : Duffield bt Surrey    Bristol bt Birmingham   (two legs)
2006 Duffield 3-2 Edgbaston Duffield are the first PSL champions beating Edgbaston in Manchester   REPORT
Semis : Duffield bt Chichester    Edgbaston bt Tewkesbury   (two legs)


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