Season 2019/20 Update

The Premier Squash League is changing – check out what’s new for the coming seasons …

More opportunities for women :

The current team format of four men and one woman will be changed for the coming season, with each team consisting of three men and two women.

League Composition :

Whilst North & South divisions will remain for the 2019/20 season, the maximum number of teams will be reduced to ten (five in each) to help avoid conflicting dates with the PSA World Tour, as well as reducing the financial burden on teams.

Teams must field a minimum of one male and one female player from the UK.

New Divisions :

For 2020/21, the league will move away from parallel divisions to create a PREMIER League and a CHAMPIONSHIP League.

The top two teams from the North & South Divisions will automatically qualify for the Premier league, the bottom two teams will automatically play in the Championship league, while the third place teams will playoff with the winner joining the Premier League.

England Squash aim to introduce further divisions in 2021/22 and subsequent years to increase competitiveness and provide increased accessibility and opportunities for players and spectators.

Coming your way :

Reaction to the PSL changes has been very positive with over 15 teams expressing an interest in participating in the new format – the 10 teams to compete in in the 2019/20 season will be announced next month following a tendering process.

The 2019/20 season promises to be one of the most entertaining yet. Matches will begin in October and run through to May. Stay tuned for updates on the competing teams and players …