Round Seven: Valentine’s Day Crystal Ball

The second half of the season continues on Valentines Day, and while there may be some consolation points earned, CB can’t see beyond the leading teams continuing their march towards the playoffs.

Group A:

Duffield (90pts) v Birmingham (37pts)
Birmingham will put up a good fight, and a good few points, but Duffield know nothing about loving the opposition.  5-0

Pontefract  (23pts) v Oxford (64pts)
CB always likes the look of the Ponte team but is more often than not disappointed by the resulting action. Determination to make the playoffs the deciding factor as Oxford sneak an away win.  2-3

Meanwhile Nottingham sit at home feeling unloved on 65pts, or maybe they’ll head North to support Ponte …

Group B:

Exeter  (87pts) v Chichester (67pts)
Exeter can already smell the semi-finals and try as they surely will Chichester will be sent packing. 4-1

St George’s (78pt)  v Bristol (33pts)
St George’s know they can’t afford any slipups  to stay touch with the leaders. 4-1

Surrey H&R (92pts) v Winchester (61pts)
Love thy neighbour? Not tonight as Surrey increase their slender lead with a modern rerun of that infamous massacre. 5-0

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