R9: Reaction

We know two of the teams that will be contesting the semi-finals – what do their managers think ?




“It’s been a great season for us, but now it’s down to business.

“This is where all teams who are lucky or good enough to make this Final stage have to switch on and prepare for the big prize.”

Felix Frixou
Benz-Bavarian Duffield



St George’s Hill

“Obviously delighted to reach the semi finals. Great credit to the team for the work that they have put in over the season. Their attitude last night was first class.

“The play offs offer two very different prospects depending on whether we win the group!

“So if we are second, an away trip to Duffield would be a hard ask on our players, especially if Laura and Nick are fit and in the country. Not impossible though.

“A home tie against – probably Coolhurst, but perhaps Nottingham or Birmingham – would be great for the club and all of the matches would be close but I would put us as favourites with home support and glass court advantage.”

Danny Lee
St George’s Hill