Coolhurst get their revenge at Chichester

Team Chichester v Coolhurst

Team Chichester’s first match of the second half of the PSL season was played against Coolhurst.  At the away fixture, in the first half, Team Chichester came away with an impressive 1.4 victory; this time the Coolhurst squad arrived at Chichester intent on payback.

First on court for Chichester was Amy Jones who played the British U15 Champion, Katie Maliff.   Amy had her chances to win the first game but just lost out to Katie’s positive play.  In the second and third there were several tin shots from Amy and her positivity began to diminish as Katie ran out a 0.3 winner to put Coolhurst 1-up.

Meanwhile, on the glass-back championship court, Tom Walsh [WR284] was having a tight game against Vini Rodrigues [Brazil and WR317].   The first two games were close; Walsh, however, appeared unsettled with his length and width and seemed frustrated at not quite hitting the targets.  Rodrigues maintained his concentration to snatch them 10.12, 8.11.   There was more of the same in the third with Rodrigues being just ahead throughout.   Again, it was a close game, but Rodrigues won the big points and finally won the match 8.11.

Next on court Louie Martin, making his debut for Team Chichester, played Paddy Harrison [a former Nationally ranked junior and now in his first PSL season].   Martin started extremely well whilst Harrison kept the ball low to stop Martin volleying.    It was an even contest of deep squash, mainly played at a high pace.  Harrison finally won it 6.11.   Martin continued to battle hard for every point and both players played the same hard-hitting game interspersed with the occasional boast and straight drops.   Martin reached game ball in the second, but it was snatched away to allow Harrison to take it 10.12.    In the third Martin maintained his concentration and determination to win but Harrison played, and won, the big points to wrap up the match 9.11.

Meanwhile, Tim Vail, returning from injury and playing at number one for Chichester, faced the WR31, Greg Lobban.   Vail battled well and displayed glimpses of the brilliance of his play which his home crowd has seen many a time before.   Lobban, nonetheless, is at his highest world ranking and was too quick for Vail and ran everything down and the 4.11, 6.11, 8.11 score put Coolhurst 0.4 up.  

Finally, at number 2 string for Team Chichester, Miles Jenkins (WR163) played former Team Chichester No.1, Adrian Waller [WR38].  This was going to be a tough ask for Jenkins but he unwaveringly battled well throughout the match.  In the main, however, he was just a bit looser and his length was not quite good enough to put Waller under enough pressure.   Waller’s front court game was second to none and he made Jenkins pay heavily in that area.   Jenkins played extremely well but the difference in world rankings was just too much for the young man as he was defeated 7.11, 5.11, 5.11.

Coolhurst sought and gained the revenge they wanted.  


Tim Vail 0-3 Greg Lobban                                              4-11, 6-11, 8-11
Miles Jenkins 0-3 Adrian Waller                                   7-11, 5-11, 5-11
Tom Walsh 0-3 Vini Rodriguez                                   10-12, 8-11, 8-11
Louie Martin 0-3 Paddy Harrison                             6-11, 10-12, 9-11
5 Amy Jones 0-3 Katie Malliff                                     11-13, 6-11, 6-11

The next fixture for Chichester is away to Bexley on Friday 2nd February with the next home tie against the RAC Club on Tuesday 13th March.