R3: Nottingham beaten at Coolhurst

Coolhurst V Nottingham PSL Match Report

Air-IT Hana Ramadan (0) V Madeline Perry (3) Coolhurst

The first match of the night was a classic encounter of youth versus experience with former world number 3 Madeline Perry against the up and coming Egyptian star Hana Ramadan. Perry started well hitting an accurate length following it up with precise winners to front but Ramadan came back with some hard-hitting drives. Perry used her experience to close the game 11-9.

The second game was very similar to the first throughout with Perry just closing it out 11-9. In the third Ramadan made a good start finding some great winners at the front of the court but Perry had all the answers and took the game 11-8 to win the match 3-0.

Air-IT Matthew Broadberry (0) V Nick Mulvey (3) Coolhurst

In the first game Broadberry struggled to cope with Mulvey’s smooth movement and creative play and ended up losing it 11-3. In the second Broadberry showed good resilience in fighting his way back from a good start from Mulvey but narrowly lost out 11-8. The third was a similar story with Mulvey’s natural creativity proving too much ending Broadberry’s hopes 11-7.

Air-IT Chris Fuller (1) V James Earles (3) Coolhurst

Fuller started out well with the perfect game plan keeping the ball tight and forcing errors from Earles and hitting some accurate winners to the front of the court took the first game 11-6.

The second was a similar story with Fuller working hard to contain Earles and with a lead of 10-7 looked set to take the second game. Unfortunately Earles dug deep and took the next five points to take the game 12-10. The next two games saw Earles dominate with his clinical long drops and sharp volleying completing an entertaining 3-1 win 11-2,11-3. This gave Coolhurts the victory on the night with just game points still to play for Air-IT in the last two fixtures.

Air-IT Mark Fuller (3) V Joe Green (2) Coolhurst

The first two games were both extremely tight with some long hard rallies and great retrieving from both player who took one game a piece. With the match tied at 1-1 a bit more control in the third from Fuller saw him take the game 11-7 but Green fought hard in the fourth with solid lengths taking the game 11-5 and force the match into a decider. The fifth game was tight all the way to 7-7 but Fuller found some good winners at the right time to take the game 11-8.

Air-IT Rory Birtwistle (3) V Nick Sutcliffe (0) Coolhurst

The last game of the night saw local legend Nick Sutcliffe take on debutant Birtwistle. The first game saw Sutcliffe attack regularly to the front but Birtwistle managed to lob well and played some good attacking shots to take the game 11-9. The second and third were a similar story with Sutcliffe playing regularly to the front of the court but Birtwistle countered well moving smoothly forcing errors from Sutcliffe to take the match 3-0 , 11-9,11-9,11-9.

“It was a tough night for an understrength Air-IT Nottingham and hard luck not to come away with the win. I think on another day we could have won any of the three matches that we lost!”

Mark Fuller – Air-IT Nottingham

The next Air-IT Nottingham home game will take place on the 24th of November against Birmingham University. For tickets call 0115 950 3756.